In this tutorial we will select django datetime format directives to convert 2011.05.09 08:30:20 to the 5 May(8.30).

Find django converter from converters list and click on it. You will see django converter page.

Click on input with datetime. The datetime picker will be shown. Find 5 may 2011, click on it. Select proper (08.30) time using hour and minutes slider.

Look for directive `d`(Day of the month...), click on it. This adds day to the future result string. The directive added to the format string field. Next we need whitespace. Just press it.

Now we need full month name. Look for directive `F`(Month, textual, long), click on it.

Next character is `(`. Just press it.

Look for directive `H`(Hour, 24-hour format). Click on it. Press `.`.

Look for `i`(Minutes) directive. Click on it. Press `)`.

We have finished with format string selecting. Click `convert` or press Enter key. You will see converted string just in the bottom of the datetime and format string fields.

Now you can use format string in your script. Just copy it and paste to the your script. There is little helper for copying - button called `Copy to clipboard`. After pressing it press ctrl + c, then enter. The format string is in your clipboard now.